Blogging…not exactly something I saw myself doing

…but I’ve been doing a lot of things recently that I never saw myself doing, so what the heck, blogging it is.

And here we are at my first blog post.  Welcome.  I’ve been agonizing over the look and feel of the blog for the last day and a half, but I think that was mostly a procrastination technique.  Truthfully, I am a little…..freaked out to be writing this!  I did some research, and although I am definitely not the first blogger to take on ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s or something similar, it is definitely outside of my comfort zone.  My hope for the blog is that it is an informational center to let everyone who is interested know what’s going on with me, my health and my butt.  :)

Although I feel as if I talk about my colitis a lot, Jon tells me that in fact, I do not.  Which is probably just a result of me thinking about my colitis and my poop and my food a lot. (WARNING: I will talk about poop quite a bit throughout the blog.  Hopefully this doesn’t gross you out so much that you no longer want to read it.) (SECOND WARNING: I ramble and talk a lot.  So this blog will most definitely be wordy.)  So basically I would like to chronicle a bit of my past, and then also give updates on what my current health situation is.  I hope you enjoy it and feel free to comment to your heart’s desire.

Much love to you all… we go!!

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