I am a 34-year old beautiful woman who is healing her ulcerated colon through a mostly plant-based, whole foods diet paired with a steady yoga practice and a low-stress approach to life.

I give my husband a ton of the credit for my success with cleaning up my diet and lifestyle.  Without his daily regimen of love, kisses, and compliments, I wouldn’t be nearly as happy or healthy as I am right now.

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  1. Terri Duran

    We love Jon too! Thanks to Jon for his support and unconditional love to you. When you and Michelle were born we prayed for you two to experience a loving partnership. Are there any dessert recipes in the diet that you can share? as you know…. I’m trying to eat like that as well. I like fruit as a dessert which is sweet but would like to venture out. Do you do any dairy? I have super small amounts of cheese maybe once per week like feta on a salad on the weekend. Love you! Mama. You thought you write a lot!!!

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