Alternative Colonoscopy Prep

Welcome to my hippie version of a colonoscopy prep!  A few very important notes before we begin:

1) I am not a doctor.  Please do not take any of this information as a prescription.  I am simply sharing what I did.  I will say that it did in fact work: the colonoscopy went well and without any medical fallouts.  But I can’t just go around telling you what to do with your body either.  I’m just saying what worked for me.

2) This didn’t happen overnight.  I’ve been living a very “clean” lifestyle eating mostly fruits, vegetables and whole grains, practicing yoga, doing a lot of self-reflection and self-work.  This 3-4 day experiment was done after months of inputting as few toxins as possible.  I don’t think you can be digesting a bunch of crap (in all senses) up until 3 days before your colonoscopy and expect it to go well.  But again, I’m not a doctor, so maybe you can.  :)

3) This wasn’t just about food.  I took all of these prep days off.  Off of work and off of life, basically.  I was very lucky to have the procedure scheduled for a Monday afternoon.  I teach and practice yoga on Fridays, but am always done by noon.  I don’t work on the weekends.  I completely cleared out my schedule and pretty much just stayed in bed or on the couch for 90% of the time.  Because I was taking in little to zero calories, I didn’t want to expend any either.  I knew I would have no energy physically, and needed as much rest as possible.

4) This was hard, and I didn’t cheat.  I’ve never fasted for a long amount of time before, and this was basically 2 days of liquid food and 2 days of fasting. It was an interesting mental and emotional practice.  The physical aspect was probably the easiest part for me.  I went in with a lot of self-love, openness and a positive attitude.

5) I didn’t do it alone.  Luckily, I had the love and support of Jon who was there to hold my hand, give me lots of hugs, and bring me soup or coconut water when I got really snappy.  I also called my parents and sister a bunch, and saw my friends on Saturday night, who were really nice about the whole thing.  Then a few hours after I was discharged from the colonoscopy, I went to an IBD support group meeting.  Just knowing I had other people cheering me on kept me going when I was feeling really nervous about the whole thing.

Okay, those are the ground rules.  :)  Working off that framework, get ready for the breakdown.

Things I had on hand during my prep:

  • baby wipes (this is actually something I didn’t have, but will definitely get next time.)
  • a juicer
  • the amazing vitamix!!
  • probiotics (for afterward when I was re-populating my gut flora)
  • vitamins….I take a multi-vitamin & B12 anyway,  but I couldn’t take the multi because you’re supposed to stop taking iron a week before…weird but I followed that direction.  To help make up for it, I supplemented with vitamin C for no good reason other than I had it on hand.  I would think taking any non-iron vitamins that you feel are good for your body is appropriate.  I usually take a fiber supplement (psyllium husk) which I stopped a week prior as well.
  • a bottle of magnesium citrate.  I had decided earlier that I would take this as a less-terrible option to the prescribed GoLytely laxative.  Next time I think I’ll forgo it altogether, it made me light-headed and slightly nauseous.
  • 2 fleet enemas
  • Himalayan pink salt or other high-quality, real salt
  • massage oil (mine is almond oil carrier with lavender essential oil)
  • a yoga mat
  • fun books to read and movies to watch
  • an uber-supportive husband (or other friend/loved one)

Grocery list of what I ate/drank:

  • a ridiculous amount of water….good, filtered water
  • 4 quarts of coconut water
  • laxative herbal tea.  I chose Smooth Move because I like that brand and it’s organic.  Seemed to work well.
  • organic veggie broth
  • fresh almond milk made in the vitamix
    • 1 tbsp almond butter
    • pitted date
    • dash of vanilla
    • dash of cinnamon
    • 1.5 cups of water
  • carrot & sweet potato soup with ginger
    • followed that recipe and added a half inch of fresh ginger
  • miso soup
  • homemade cucumber, pineapple & ginger popsicles
    • I happened to also be making kombucha and this is one of my favorite flavors; the popsicles turned out great!
  • lots of smoothies and juices made from the following fruits & vegetables (nothing red, like beets!!):
    • cucumbers
    • broccoli
    • spinach
    • kale
    • parsley
    • celery
    • green bell pepper
    • carrots
    • oranges
    • apples
    • strawberries
    • pineapple
    • lemons
    • limes
    • ginger
  • prunes
  • a banana
  • aloe vera juice

FRIDAY aka Vitamix Day

Food, etc Supplements Bowel Movements
banana laxative tea before bed, steeped twice normal (solid) in the AM
16 oz smoothie: acai juice, apple juice, spinach, cucumber, strawberries, carrot, kale, broccoli 1500 mg vitamin C (one AM, one PM) a few watery ones throughout day
3 prunes vitamin B12 with folic acid small, but solid in the PM
24 oz smoothie: same as above LOTS OF WATER
carrot & sweet potato soup
miso soup

SATURDAY aka Juice Day

Food, etc Supplements BMs
18 oz green juice: celery, apple, kale, cucumber, spinach, lemon, parsley 2 bags laxative tea before bed small but solid in the AM
16 oz orange & carrot juice 1500mg vitamin C (one AM, one PM) a few watery ones throughout day
10 oz “happiness” juice: carrot, pineapple, apple, ginger, lemon vitamin B12 with folic acid none in the PM
28 oz green juice: celery, apple, kale, cucumber, spinach, broccoli stem, green bell pepper, lime EVEN MORE WATER

SUNDAY aka Clear Liquids Day

Food, etc Supplements BMs
Salt Water Flush upon rising: 2 tsps Himalayan Pink Salt with 1 quart warm water vitamin C, 1500mg (one AM) Salt water flush did not produce a BM for me
1 quart of coconut water YES, MORE WATER (4 quarts this day, I started counting) semi-solid BM post-coconut water, very yellow
yoga stretching with lots of twists and hip openers 10 oz magnesium citrate in evening 6 watery ones throughout day (one following magnesium citrate and one following enema) all yellow and/or light brown (yellow color diminished throughout the day)
self massage on stomach and lower back, using massage oil 1 fleet enema before bed
10 ounces veggie broth
1 quart coconut water
2 cucumber/pineapple/ginger popsicles
5 ounces veggie broth
a few sips of almond milk
1 quart coconut water
20 ounces “magic elixir”: sliced ginger boiled with lemon juice, raw honey to taste

MONDAY aka Colonoscopy Day

Food, etc Supplements BMs
1 quart coconut water upon waking watery, light brown
16 oz water watery with yellow liquid
16 oz water (no BM)
1 fleet enema mostly clear,  slight trace of very light brown

Those are the highlights and lowlights!  A quick note on the Salt Water Flush…it was recommended to me and I would do it again, but the ratio didn’t work for me in terms of creating a bowel movement.  It obviously did an amazing job of cleaning out the bile in my liver and gall bladder since I had super yellow BMs for the duration of the cleanse after that.  I asked a Nurse Practitioner about it and she said it was medically fine.  So I will replicate it when I do this again next time.  I would encourage you to do your own research on it.  It is really hard to get down…it’s incredible how hard it is to chug salt water!!

When I left the hospital on Monday, I immediately took a probiotic and 2 ounces of aloe vera juice.  I wanted those to travel down for a good hour before I ate any food so they could go to work right away healing and repopulating good bacteria.  To break the fast, I had high quality, organic chicken noodle soup (avoided the chicken and most of the noodles), vegetable soup, and lastly oat groats with banana, walnuts and almond milk (it just sounded good!).  After the IBD support group meeting, I chugged some more aloe vera juice, then sauteed up some vegetables with ginger and paired that with quinoa with lemon juice.  Super tasty.  I had another probiotic, B12 and two prunes before I went to bed.

Tuesday, I did not do a good job of easing back into food.  I probably should have had juice in the AM and that’s it.  Instead, I got excited, had too much fiber too fast, and got really full and bloated.  I tried a new recipe of quinoa and prunes for breakfast which did not sit well.  Actually, it sat too well….it just kind of sat there and didn’t move, haha.  Later I had my take of “tumeric tonic” which is fresh ginger blended with coconut water and lemon juice in the vitamix and then with some turmeric stirred in.  Fantastic for inflammation, and tastes really good.  Spicy.

Since then, I’ve settled into a routine of probiotics and  2 ounces of aloe vera juice first thing in the morning.  Then after 30-60 minutes, 4 ounces of tumeric tonic.  Then breakfast of some sort and clean eating/living for the rest of the day.  During the day, I take my multi-vitamin, psyllium husk and B12.  Then one more probiotic to finish out the day.

I hope this helps in whatever colonoscopy option you take!  If nothing else, I hope it was informative and interesting!  I am super, super glad I did my prep this way.  It felt more natural and made sense for me.  Do what feels right for you!


2 thoughts on “Alternative Colonoscopy Prep

  1. Terri Duran

    I see a book! So detailed and easy to follow. Thanks Alisa ! Looking forward to my colonoscopy that I will do sometime soon. You have all this info in hard copy too just in case the web dies? Love you and so super impressed with your self cleansing procedure. It’s going to help so many people! Xoxo mama

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