Moisture is the essence of wetness

green juice

I am finishing up Day 3 of an all-liquid phase of my cleanse.  I feel surrounded by liquids.  Yesterday was rough.  I broke down and made some Kitchari, which is a very basic Ayurvedic soup/stew with rice and sprouted mung beans.  I chopped up some carrots, celery, broccoli and zucchini and threw that in there too.  The recipe actually made a ton more than I thought it would, so I will be enjoying that over the next few days for lunch.  It was good, not great (I didn’t add in a ton of spices) but honestly, anything would have been good at that point, seeing as I hadn’t consumed whole food since Thursday night.  In the future, I will be adding more vegetables and spices to it and I think it could be a really delicious option for me.  My body was definitely happy with me so it was worth it.  I hit a wall yesterday afternoon and this brought me back some energy which was the goal.

Today is much better.  Everyone participating in the cleanse met this morning at 7:30am for a yin yoga class where you relax into postures for 3-5 minutes each.  We also had a guest lecturer on meditation who made meditation a lot more accessible and achievable.  Most importantly, we were able to commiserate about our highs and lows over the past few days.  I reintroduce whole foods tomorrow, and I’ve never been so excited to eat fruits and vegetables!  It’s amazing what foods start looking attractive after you haven’t eaten any for a few days.

Jumping topics (sort of), we had an incredible raw food chef, Joy Houston, come in last Wednesday to make us food and teach us about enzymes and cleansing in general.  Huge takeaways for me:

  • There are really creative recipes and food combinations that I need to get into!
  • Raw food is anything under 118° because that’s where most of the enzymes start breaking down
  • It’s okay to have a balance….Joy is a very realistic mother of two with a meat-eating husband.  Consequently, she has a creative and varied approach to making healthy, living meals that can include cooked grains, etc.
  • Overly cooked and processed foods are like zombies in your body….the body is not quite sure what to do with these foreign objects, so it wraps them in fat and sticks it to your butt.  Or maybe the toxins carry on all the way to your already compromised digestive system :)

Most importantly, I was reminded that cleansing is an amazing tool to not only rid the body of toxins, but also give the digestive system a break so that the body can get to work healing tissue and addressing other issues that the body is typically too distracted to get to.  It’s a like taking a week off of work so you can stay at home,  get down on your knees, and get that weird black stuff off the floor in front of your oven.  Stuff you usually don’t get to but can make a huge difference in your house.  This was a necessary motivation today as I made yet another green smoothie.  :)

I am hopeful that this time of rest in conjunction with stress reduction, meditation and as many Dinacharya practices as possible* will be beneficial for my mind, body and spirit.   Onward and upward!

PS-speaking of stress reduction, I found this graphic today from a recent survey on and it made me laugh out loud:

stress and uc

I must say that I agree…..and I’m glad I’m not alone!  The real reason it’s funny is because the first thing my GI told me when I was diagnosed with colitis was that it had nothing to do with stress OR diet.  Right.


Today for background music, I am listening to the RedZone Channel on the ipad next to me.  :)  I missed the 10am cutoff to bet on the morning NFL games so I’m going with later games only.  I’m really glad because all three of the games I was going to take did not cover.  Hopefully that means the ones I did actually pick will work out!

*Edited to say that I do not engage in all of these practices  :)  During this cleanse, I have started to do the dry-brushing, neti pot (which I really strongly dislike), self-massage (ooh la la), prayer and meditation.  I have not worked in the meditation daily yet, but getting there.  I also stopped doing the neti because I really, really didn’t like it.  Maybe later when my body is more cleared up or something.  Sisterfriend loves it so I’m sure I will get there someday.

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5 thoughts on “Moisture is the essence of wetness

  1. Michelle Beckmann

    That is so ridiculous! Nothing to do with stress or diet! Anyway super proud of you sister :) love the music updates although I don’t get any of the references. haha! i do get the other stuff though :) xoxox

  2. Terri Duran

    Hey Aisa…..good info! That must have been crazy to be on the juice only! The neti pot hurts me. it doesnt mean to hurt me on purpose……i think the pain of the process is from my malfunctioning ear tube. It hurts after I do the rinse. Maybe the water gets in the wrong path in your nose cuz of the flap thing that doesn’t work. What in the heck…did I get that info right? I can just hear a doctor say “so how’s the nose flap thing?” Anyhow….what did work was this disposable type nose rinse for those without a neti pot. It has the correct type of water and amount measured in the dispenser. For some reason that worked so much better and didn’t cause me any headache pain or dizziness. Figure that? Man there’s a the voice marathon on. Papa is On the phone with you and I hear you doing football pick with papa right now!!! Hi Alisa in the phone !! Love you

  3. Terri Duran

    Oops!!! I mean on the phone. Unless you can climb into the phone. I haven’t tried it yet…I just assumed I wouldn’t fit.

    • You are one crazy mama! I’ve heard that nose rinse thing from a few people. Sister said to try heating up the tap water first, then letting it cool done in case something in the water is bothering my nose. I still have to try that too. Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. Michelle Beckmann

    this title keeps making me laugh – ! haha – spies knew exactly what you were referencing :) of course…. and wetness is the essence of beauty –

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